Warning Triangles

At night, such trucks have led to unintended vehicle collisions. For instance, numerous causes of accidents have been as a result of taxis and private vehicles colliding with stationary trucks.

This is because few if not none of these trucks possess reflector warning triangles which would help warn oncoming cars at night. This does not stop at trucks alone, all motorists should have these triangles because any car can break down.

A warning triangle is an equilateral triangle painted with a reflective red and yellow coating placed next to a vehicle to give motorists sufficient warning to reduce their speed as they approach the vehicle that has broken down.

They are usually put on the side of the road by anyone to warn other drivers of a breakdown or crash ahead.

According to standard traffic procedure, if a motor vehicle breaks down along a highway or road, the driver of the vehicle should immediately place the warning triangles. Double indicators should also be used even when warning triangles have been placed.

The driver should make sure that the reflective side is facing oncoming traffic so that they can easily be seen. Place them on the side of the road where they are visible to motorists.

These warning triangles can best aid to ensure night-time visibility for cyclists and motorists on roads and highways.  

Instead of using tree branches to warn road users, truck drivers should be in possession of warning triangles to cater for emergencies that may arise from a car breakdown.

It is also a traffic requirement for taxi drivers, minibuses and passenger vehicles to carry warning triangles.

We are commited to provide a series of roadsafety Warning tringles, strictly complied with E-MARK, ECE R27. Welcome to contact for any questions.

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