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Emergency 9 in 1 tire gauge tools

Quick Overview

1.Digital tire gauge 2.Combined with emergency tool set 3.Pressure range:0-150psi 4.Logo is available

Product number:SST6221


To measure tire pressure and a kind of emergency tool for car use LCD display readout.

Accurate tire pressure reduces risk of damage to tires through wear and tear,rips and also improves fuel consumption.Ideal tire pressurescan generally be located in the car or within the cars manufacturer information booklet.

Ideal for cars,SUVs,trucks,motorcycles etc.


- Up to 150psi pressure range.
- LCD digital readout .
- Pressure unit: psi, bar, kpa
- Improve your gas mileeage.
- Prevent excessive tire wear
- Emergency seat belt cutter
- Save your life  when an emergency occurs
- Pliers
- Screwdriver (+)
- Screwdriver(-)
- Scissors
- Pressure unit: psi, bar, kpa
- Accuracy: +/- 1 psi F.S.
- Power: two 3V CR2032 lithium coin cell
- Each in double blister card